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  • English Girl with Momo is ex-JYP trainee Mone. Don't think she's still training anywhere though so it's unlikely she'll need a tag as we probably won't see her again.

  • English Okay this is weird. The image comes up as black. UNLESS you click to zoom in at which point it appears fine O.O

  • English But she's from Korea?

  • English Holy crap that's messing with my head - I thought her feet were her hands at first...

  • English I've been staring at them for ages XD But I'm pretty confident in saying that it's Taeyeon in front and Tiffany behind her.

  • English Okay so 2 of the kneelers are HyoYul, but I'm not certain about the other 2 - I THINK one of them might be Yoona but I'm not sure :/

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